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Call me Kyon (that's the name of my fursona), an artist of changing and varying interests and opinions. However, my love to doodle and draw has never changed along with my over abundant imagination and need to weave a great tale. So whether looking for good art, interesting concepts or a great story, I hope you can find it here.
My TLK based account can be found here

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:: Liek thanks you :: by Liek.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-KotAn hour ago... by prosaixThe famous Greek song by SirvanaRachanaI refuse... Stamp by ladychimeraAll the Good Men Stamp by Neyjour Common Courtesy Stamp by Mirz123I love Animals by WishmasterAlchemist
Opinions Stamp by bladebanditStamp: Fursona by Shendificatoranimal artist, not furry by ohhperttylights_Stamp_ Digital Traditional by The-Cactus-Runner
Stole this from: :iconmissmapleowl:


- Pick 7 of your OCs in any order. 
- Please link back to the blank.
- Enjoy. ;D 


1. Jack
2. Server
3. Phantom
4. Hunter
5. Zul
6. Ackerley
7. Kyon

1. [1-7] State your names, aliases, et cetera and would you like a donut or milkshake?
1: Oh, I'm Jack. I like you already, you offer free sweets. :D
2: It'sh Sherver, most powerful troll on the team and I don't need your pity food.
3: :D (reaches for the shake)
4: I'm Hunter and he's Phantom, I think we'd both like a shake please. Minty, chocolate chip for him, Cinnamon for me.
5: Azulon, but you can call me Zul. And I don't need anything but I think I have sweet in mind for you. ;D
6: Ackerley, can I leave now? I don't want to be shoved your processed, human food.
7: Behave. Sorry for him. I'm Kyon, the team leader and don't mind them. They're all still working on their manners.

2. [3] and [7] decide to bungee jump, but [3]'s cord snaps. What does [7] do?
Kyon: OH #%^*^&@#$%!!!!! Hold on Phantom, I'm getting suited and I'm coming down.
Phantom: weeeeee falling 

3. [4] decides to cook dinner. What do they make?
Hunter: Fried Worms any one? :D

4. [2] and [6] are at an arcade playing DDR. Who wins?
Ackerley: How the heck should I know, you took me here!

Answer: Neither, they'd both suck.

5. [1] feels bored, so they go to a bar and get drunk, when all of a sudden a liopleurodon shows up. What kind of chaos ensues?
Kyon: Hold it, Jack is still underage, no way he's going to get drunk at some bar.
Jack: But its a magical liopleurodon, Kyon! Icon #2 - Voldemort smile (Harry Potter) 
Kyon:Ratigan Glare 

6. [5] decides to get a perm. Where do they go to show off their amazing, gigantic afro?
Zul: I don't know how they managed it but don't I look fab! Yato (Being fab) [V1] 
Everyone else:Look on to the stars, spine 

7. [1] does make-up on [7] while they sleep. [7]'s reaction when they wake up and look in a mirror:
Kyon:  . . . Why does my face look like it got into a wresting match with lipstick?

8. [4] is hit by cupid's stupid arrows of lurve (temporarily, of course), and falls for [3].  What happens?
Hunter:  Come dear brother, it was obviously meant to be. Swoon~ 
Phantom: Derp 

9. [2] and [6] are stuck in a haunted house, with spirits trying to snatch their bodies. What do they do to get out - or do they get out at all? Dun dun duunnnn...
Ackerley: Hmm, spirits eh? Well nothing i haven't encountered before , we only need . . . Server?
Server: COME AT ME B*&@$%!!!!!

10. [7] is a victim of a crime, and the accused is [4]. What is the crime and what is the verdict?
Kyon: Really Hunter?
Hunter: Admit it! Your keeping all the good cookies from me and Phantom for yourself! Do you admit it?
Kyon: Its really too early for this. *sigh*
Hunter: You would say that you tyrant! 

11. [5] and [1] enter into a talent show. Do they enter together or separately? And what is their talent?
Jack: I don't know Zul, are you sure we won't get in trouble for this routine?
Zul: Oh hardly, dance numbers are very accepted in routines, especially in pairs.
Jack: But while wearing jockstrapes and with a pole.
Zul: It is a very critical component, don't question my vision.

12. [2]'s favorite song. If they don't have a favorite song, what genre do they typically listen to?
Server: :headphone: *listening to heavy metal*

13. [6] and [3] fight zombie pirate ninjas with Will Smith. What happens? Is it awesome? Or is it awesome?
Phantom: AmazingPhil 7 
Ackerley: Confused 

14. [7] and [5] go adventuring and discover some valuable once-lost treasure. How do they split it? Or if they don't decide to share - who gets it and how do they get it?
Zul: What a harrowing journey, eh mistress? Good thing you had me to protect you. How about a reward for all my efforts? :eyes:
Kyon: I will seriously let you keep ALL of the treasure if your promise to never do that again. TOP Crazy 

15. [1] grows to the size of a skyscraper. [4] shrinks to the size of a marble. What do each of them do with their new size?
Jack: But now I can't use my heli-pack.  I'M TOO BIG. tears 

16. [2] now rules the world (whatever world they are from). What do they do with their newfound power?
Server: Finally, a role dat shuites me perfectly. BOW TO ME!!France Laughing - Evil Inverted 

17. [3], [4], and [7] catch [6] running around naked in the rain. Reactions?
Zul: I'm siiiiinnnnggging in the rain. Just siiinnngging in the rain!La la la 
Hunter and Phantom:+LUHAN - Embarrassment (Emoticon) 
Ackerley: .  . What the HECK!  Satoshi Embarrassed Icon 

18. [2], [1], and [5] face a zombie apocolypse. They have little resources left and need to get to a safehouse far away. Who survives all the way to the safe house and how?
Zul: Hey Sever?
Server: What, shnake breath?
Zul: Mind taking on that hoard over there?
Server: And why the heck should I shave your shedless shkin?
Zul: Each zombie is worth 5 points. First to 100 wins.
Zul: See, and that's how you survive the apocalypse.
Jack: YAY! :D 

19. [6] and [1] are zapped by the gender-bender. LOL. Making memes is fun.
JacKy: Its not so bad, I look cute as a girl. Neptune Wink Icon 

NOPE! :3

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