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Call me Kyon (that's the name of my fursona), an artist of changing and varying interests and opinions. However, my love to doodle and draw has never changed along with my over abundant imagination and need to weave a great tale. So whether looking for good art, interesting concepts or a great story, I hope you can find it here.
My TLK based account can be found here

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Just when I thought things were going well they take a nose dive. (warining, vent journal)
I've mentioned to friends in the past how I want to quit my current job and get a different, more settled job elsewhere (nothing wrong with the current job I've just realized its not for me). However, during the between transition it sucks because I'm still having to sign up for jobs I don't like and the folks are thinking of charging me rent now (cause lord knows I'm rolling in the money). I was able to use the dog (we got a puppy FYI, totally not ready for it but yes we now have a standard poodle) as an excuse to avoid work (stay home and look after him while folks are at work and sister at school) but I think that won't be as effective of an excuse much longer.
I've been having a bad sleep schedule as of late so I've been getting up later. So when a call came in for a job this morning, my sister answered and I asked her to deal with it. Thinking back this was a mistake as mom inquired and got mad when she found out I turned it down. Dad came home and they apparently had a fight which lead him to come down stairs and chew me out over it. He said I'm not making any progress and doing nothing with my life and "when am I going to start acting like an adult" or put my plans in motion for moving out.
I'm sorry, but how is this his or my mom's business, true I should have taken the call instead but don't yell at me for turning a job down. And more importantly, finding another job takes a hell of a lot of time and work, especially sense I don't want their help in doing so, so I'm sticking to my current job just to have some income. And as for moving out, I don't want to start looking for an apartment till I get a finalized job elsewhere (I don't want to move out only to have to move back in because it didn't work out).
Its so frustrating to think I finally got over this hurtle only for them to drag me right back in again. I hate how they keep expecting more and more out of me when I'm pretty happy were I'm at. I hate how I feel how I have no voice because every time I bring up a complaint or argue, they drag it up later on to through back in my face. And yet when I try to rebuttal them for doing serious wrong (they've illegally gone through my mail, taken over $3000 out of my bank account without my permission and attempted to meddle at my current job by going to the higher ups very minor issues) they get really defensive and say I have no right.
Seriously, if I had a alternative that wouldn't land me in a worse situation or unfairly put strain on the occupants, I'd have moved out already. I'm so sick of this treatment and its thanks to my friends in real life and on here that I haven't done something really stupid by now. But the minute a chance to get out of this place and better my life appears, I'm taking it: and damn it all they won't stop me.
  • Mood: Frustrated

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Wolfsea Featured By Owner 57 minutes ago  Student General Artist
-BlackRose drops her first born son to you-

His stats and such

Attack: 6

Defense: 7

Move Set: Confuse

Innate Talent: Fog Field

<3 Hope you enjoy your new MMMB

Devinital Featured By Owner 17 minutes ago  Student General Artist

Thank you so much!!!!!

I'll have his bio and story up in the next few days. Now excuse me I need to go hug every body ever!!!
Wolfsea Featured By Owner 14 minutes ago  Student General Artist
-BlackRose- She's acting like its a shock mother. Our tamer did inform her of the breeding today?
-Anais- Sea forgets a lot of things... let her enjoy this. You have a contest for his brother's new home.
Lys-Mily35 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  New member
Thanks!!!! for the llama!!!!!!!!
Devinital Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student General Artist
scarlet-pikachu Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Loona wants to battle your Server (Depending on who goes first a landed straight attack from the other could K.O either of them)
Devinital Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student General Artist
Okay. Let me finish another battle with Server and I'll see if I can pitch him against Loona. ;P
scarlet-pikachu Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Who will ask for the coinflip?
Devinital Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student General Artist
I'll go ask. Give me a minute.
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zOMBieALEXX Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the fave, deary!!!~ 
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